Падь Крестовая в Листвянке - Дом на Байкале
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The rest on Lake Baikal

We offer everyone an unforgettable rest on Lake Baikal for tourists and travelers. The house on Baikal is a placement in comfortable and clean rooms. This affordable accommodation in the private sector at any time of the year in Listvyanka. Rest on Lake Baikal is inextricably linked with a holiday in Listvyanka. Listvyanka is considered the most successful starting point for any route along Lake Baikal. The house on Baikal is located in a village that stretches several kilometers along the shore of the lake and belongs to the territory of the Baikal National Park.

Inexpensive accommodation in Listvyanka for rest on Lake Baikal

Unlike large hotels, we do not have a reception. We have no staff, restaurants with a large number of employees. All this allows us not to inflate you prices for rest on Lake Baikal. Inexpensive and comfortable accommodation on a rental basis doesn’t demand strict rules for registration and stay, as in expensive hotels. Observing cleanliness and order – each guest is the owner of his room for the entire stay.


Where better to rest on Lake Baikal? This question worries most tourists who want to visit the lake. Our situation differs, in comparison with hotel rooms, with some minimalism, but this doesn’t become less comfortable. At your service on the second floor are three rooms (two rooms with double beds and one with two single beds), the general room where you can drink tea and have a snack, a mini-kitchen, a well-equipped toilet and a shower. For the convenience of guests and privacy there is the separate entrance.



Spring comes on Baikal - Rest on Lake Baikal

The opinion that rest on Lake Baikal is good only in summer is nothing more than the myth. The list of ideas how to relax on Baikal, excursions and seasonal entertainments you can find in the section Rest in Listvyanka.


View from Chersky stone - Rest on Baikal

Views of Baikal and its environs, landscapes of Listvyanka, panoramas and photo reports from excursions, we upload in our Photo Gallery. The collection of these pictures will help you to get acquainted with the terrain in advance.


We are glad to invite to our house those who are looking for inexpensive but comfortable accommodation in the private sector in Listvyanka and Baikal. The rest on Lake Baikal is good at any time of year, and our house is available all year round at your service. We offer the budgetary accommodation for tourists and families. All details are in the section Rooms.



House on Lake Baikal – rest for friends at any time of year

We are ready to tell you about excursions and sights of Lake Baikal, and we will advise the worthy guide.

Solitude and silence guarantee of comfortable rest on Baikal

Our house stands in the picturesque place, it is far away from bustle. You will not be disturbed by the noise of passing cars, the sounds of the pier and the market. You are not threatened by noisy companies that are having fun all night and interfere with sleeping; our house is small, there are practically no such troubles in it.

Fifteen minutes of quiet walking – and you are on the beautiful promenade with small cozy cafes and souvenir shops. Here is the pier and the famous fish market.


Right behind our house is the Siberian taiga with century cedars and pines, unique flora and fauna. And there is the magnificent observation point in twenty minutes of walk, on top of the mountain. You can find out all about this by looking at our gallery of the website.

You’re welcome

The “Ecodom” is about us: the house is built of wood and “breathes” (that’s why it is so well to sleep in), and the cleanest water from the artesian well with the depth of 62 meters flows from the tap. It doesn’t need to be cleaned and boiled. In the fenced area and behind the gate, you can sunbathe, play outdoor games, do gymnastics, and cook a shish kebab. For guests on cars parking spaces are provided (the territory is guarded by dogs).

Fish market

From all over the world people come to rest on Baikal, but no rest on Baikal is conceivable without the real Baikal fish. The fame about the fish market in Listvyanka has long gone beyond its borders and on holidays and cerebrating days people from all over the county are striving to Listvyanka in order to eat a good fish. Come to visit, fish is enough for everyone! Don’t look ...

                                                                                                       …it isn’t necessary!

Рыбный рынок. Отдых на Байкале

In memory of the rest on Baikal

There is a wide choice of souvenirs and stone products in addition to fish on the market. Look...

Сувениры. Отдых на Байкале

Welcome to the bath - House on Lake Baikal
Flower - House on Lake Baikal




Russian Steam Bath

There is the steam bath, along Chapaeva Street 73, near the house, in Listvyanka. The bathhouse is built of natural wood with the use of such species of wood as larch and cedar. The distinctive feature of this bath is that ….

The furnace in the bath in Listvyanka - House on Lake Baikal