Падь Крестовая в Листвянке - Дом на Байкале
House on Lake Baikal
House on Lake Baikal
House on Lake Baikal
House on Lake Baikal
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Vacation on Lake Baikal

We offer tourists and travelers an unforgettable vacation.

House on Lake Baikal is accommodated by comfortable and clean rooms. This affordable privately-owned accommodation in Listvyanka is available all year round.

Vacation on Lake Baikal is often combined with visits to Listvyanka. It’s considered a great starting point for any excursion in and around Lake Baikal.

House on Lake Baikal is located just on the outskirts of Listvyanka. The village is hugging the shoreline of Lake Baikal over several kilometers as well as Baikal National Park’s territory.

Vacations on Lake Baikal – affordable accommodation in Listvyanka

In contrast to larger hotels we do not employ a larger staff nor do we have a check-in desk. This allows us to keep the rooms affordable for long- and or short-term stays.

Because of our unique private setup there is no need for the usual time-consuming paperwork that is so typical and spoils the beginning of any great vacation.

During your stay with us you will be the owner of your own little private domain. We hope and count on the fact that you treat and respect the property as it was your own.


Where better to relax on the Baikal? A question most tourists minds busy that want to visit the Baikal and see the lake. Compared to hotel rooms our rooms are arranged in a minimalistic style. This does however not lessen the comfort of your stay.

The second floor offers three separate rooms (two with double beds and one with a twin bed), a living room where you can relax and have a tea and eat a snack that you can prepare in the kitchenet. Toilet and shower.

The floor (guesthouse) is accessed by its own separate private entrance.



Spring comes on Baikal - Rest on Lake Baikal

Vacation on the Baikal only during the summer!? Couldn’t be further from the truth. No matter spring, summer or even in the middle of the winter. Listvyanka and Lake Baikal have something to offer for young and old. In the section Vacanion in Listvyanka you will find a list of ideas. Guided tours, seasonal entertainment and more on how to relax in and around the lake.


View from Chersky stone - Rest on Baikal

The diversity of the different types of landscapes with its magnificent panoramas in the surrounding area of Listvyanka as well as examples of excursions you will find in the Photo Gallery. The collection will help you to get a good impression about vacation on the Baikal and opportunity to pre-acquaint yourself as a preparation on your stay with us in Listvyanka.


It pleases us to invite those travelers that are looking for affordable private accommodation for their vacation on Baikal, short stay or even for a night over in Listvyanka. We are at your service and available all year round. We offer budget accommodation and rooms for travelers as well as for long stay vacation. Details you will find in the section Rooms.



House on Lake Baikal – vacation on the lake any season of the year

We can inform you about excursions, sightseeing and interesting sights on Lake Baikal. A contact list of reliable guides we can provide.

The remote location and the silent ambient will guarantee a comfortable and revitalizing stay at Lake Baikal

Our house is situated on a beautiful location far away from the daily hustle and bustle. Your rest will not be disturbed by passing cars or noises from the harbor or market. No late-night companies that are having their fun will prevent you from a wholesome and peaceful sleep. The small private setup of our accommodation eliminates these treats.

A fifteen-minute walk in our quiet surroundings will bring you on the promenade with a few cozy cafes and souvenir shops. Here you will also find the marina with its famous fish market.


The Siberian taiga starts directly behind our house! The Siberian taiga with its centuries-old cedars and pines as well a unique flora and fauna. It is world’s largest coniferous forest.

A twenty-minute walk will bring you on top of the nearest mountain. You will be rewarded with a magnificent vantage point that provides a spectacular view of the surrounding area.

Healthy ecological

If you say “Eco-house” that’s us. The house built up out of wood (wood breathes). Our water is natural mineral that we pump up out of a 62 meter deep well. It is so clean it doesn’t need additional treatment. We have a fenced private area where you can sunbathe, play outdoor games or do gymnastics. There is a designated area for your barbeque or the traditional Russian shashlik. For those that travel and arrive by own transport. Secured private parking-space is provided.

Lystvyanka’s famous fish market

People from around the globe that want to relax are attracted to Lake Baikal. Going home from your vacation on Lake Baikal without having a taste of the pure and authentic flavor of the Baikal fish? Unimaginable! Listvyanka’s fish markets fame surpassed its original small setup and people from far and beyond come for the fish of Listvyanka’s market. We invite you for a visit. There will be fish enough for every mouth to feed. Watch…

Рыбный рынок. Отдых на Байкале

For memories of vacation on Lake Baikal

There are way more unforgettable things on the market than just fist. Wild choice of stone souvenirs and art-objects for the memories. Watch…

Сувениры. Отдых на Байкале

Welcome to the bath - House on Lake Baikal
Let’s visit the steam bath
Flower - House on Lake Baikal




Russian Steam Bath

For guests and visitors of Lake Baikal we exploit a Russian Banja (steam bath). Build up out of precious types of wood like larch and cedar.

The furnace in the bath in Listvyanka - House on Lake Baikal