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Our address: 73, Chapaeva Street, Listvyanka Village, Irkutsk Region, Russia
Our phones: +7 (950) 129-97-52, +7 (950) 129-97-56

By fixed-road taxi (minibus)

Step 1.

If you come to Irkutsk by train.

Leave the station building, there is a tram stop right in front of the building.

Direction to the right to the city center, 6 stops to the central market (Irkutsk Central Market (address: Chekhova St, 22).

If you come in to Irkutsk by plane.

Take a minibus (61) or buses (80K, 480) to the central market in Irkutsk (Irkutsk Central Market (address: Chekhova St, 22).

Step 2

The stop of the fixed-road taxi (minibus) is located between the central market and the shopping center (a large gray building with the letters TK). Destination Listvyanka, frequency 1-2 times per hour, last departure at 19 hours, travel time 1 hour, ticket price 150 rubles per person (in most cases very limited luggage space). The minibus departures once the minibus is full.

Step 3

Our address in Listvyanka is 73 Chapaeva Street. (Улица Чапаева, 73).

In Listvyanka, a minibus will take you to the final stop Pristan’ (“Marina”). From there you can take a taxi to the house (150 rubles).

If your luggage is small, you can step out at the post office building or at the closest point to the house on the navigator. Ask the driver to stop the minibus at the Listvyanka post office (you can show him the text “Остановите у почты в Листвянке”).

Next, you need to turn your back to the lake and walk along Chapaeva Street up 900 meters.

House number 73 is located on the left side, just behind the Ecologist children’s camp (Эколог). This is our house.

If you travel by car

Use the navigator to get to Listvyanka village. Our address in Listvyanka is 73 Chapaeva Street. (navigation coordinates 51°51′33″N, 104°52′36″E   51.859239, 104.876549).

Most of the route Irkutsk-Listvyanka follows the road through the forest. The last part of your trip follows the shores of Lake Baikal. On your right you will pass the monument Vampilov. Coming into Listvyanka (to your left should be the mountain on your right the Lake), drive through the Valley between the mountains “Krestovaya Pad”, keep driving straight do not divert from your route. (Krestovaya Pad will be on the left, the Lake still on your right). Pass the bridge over the river Krestovka (Крестовка). Follow the road for approximately another 200 m along the shore.

Just behind the post office (a two-story white singled building) turn left up to the street Chapaeva.

Follow Chapaeva street for approximately 900 meters. House №73 is on the left side, just behind the children’s camp “Ecologist”. (Эколог)

We can arrange a transfer; the driver will be waiting for you with in the arrival area (tell us upfront time and number of train/plane).

Approximate cost is 2000 rubles, the final cost depends on the season and time of arrival. Or you can order a taxi using one of the applications (Yandex.Taxi, Uber, Maxim). It’s cheaper than a transfer.

You arrived at your destination, we welcome you and wish you a memorable relaxing vacation with us in House on the Baikal




Над Байкалом - Дом на Байкале

Vacation on the Baikal only during the summer!? Couldn’t be further from the truth. No matter spring, summer or even in the middle of the winter. Listvyanka and Lake Baikal have something to offer for young and old. In the section Vacanion in Listvyanka you will find a list of ideas. Guided tours, seasonal entertainment and more on how to relax in and around the lake.




Вид с камня Черского - Дом на Байкале

The diversity of the different types of landscapes with its magnificent panoramas in the surrounding area of Listvyanka as well as examples of excursions you will find in the Photo Gallery. The collection will help you to get a good impression about vacation on the Baikal and opportunity to pre-acquaint yourself as a preparation on your stay with us in Listvyanka.