Russian Steam Bathhouse

… in the steam room furnace Feeringer with the closed stove is installed. The bathhouse in Listvyanka is the real Russian steam bathhouse.

Furnace Feringer for a bathhouse in Listvyanka

The advantage of this furnace is that, in addition to the open stones, stones are placed in the furnace, which are located in the depth of the furnace directly around the furnace and the heating temperature reaches 400-600 degrees. Water, getting to them through a steam gun, turns into a very light finely divided steam that collects under the ceiling. That’s why it’s so easy to breathe in such a bathhouse. The design of the furnace provides the phyto-container for herbs, and also the special convector is installed on a pipe for even greater comfort.


Bath in Listvyanka can be found for every taste and color. Distinctive feature of the steam room in a bath at the House on Baikal is that in the steam room such stones as porphyrite and rodingit are used. High temperatures and sharp differences cause the destruction of stones, therefore at operation of a bath, special attention is paid to stones. The properties of porphyrite, which is extracted in the Urals, are well known to inveterate bathhouse attendants. It is enough to mention that porphyrite is used for presidential bathhouses in Shuiskaya Chupa, which already speaks for itself. Rodingit in addition to high heat capacity also has healing properties. Its beneficial effects on the immune system are known. Under the influence of high temperatures, the micro-particles of the element combine with steam and get to an organism have a therapeutic effect on the cardiovascular system and respiratory organs. The bathhouse is ready to receive those who want to steam at any time of the year during the rest in spring, summer, autumn, winter.

Bathhouse in Listvyanka and its design features

At the construction of a bathhouse is applied the classical layout – a restroom, a sink, a steam room. In a spacious restroom it is possible to lie down to have a rest or sit at a table. Shelves in the steam room are made of hardwood. The floor in the steam room and in a sink is made from porcelain, which is a more environmentally friendly solution in comparison to the wooden floors.

The bathhouse is designed for 6 people. A steam room for 4 people. The cost of visiting the bathhouse 1500 rubles for 1 hour, regardless of  the number of people wishing to steam and relax.

The estimated time of bath’s preparation is 3.5 hours.

Resting room in the bath - House on Lake Baikal


Enjoy Your Bath!