Photo gallery. Listvyanka and Baikal

In the photo gallery, we gradually upload photos from our archives: footage from trips, travel and excursions. Life on Baikal is very diverse, and if you look around attentively, you can notice a lot of interesting things. Therefore, the gallery is regularly updated.

Nature of Baikal

Here we have placed photos of landscapes and sights seen during sightseeing tours and trips. The travel through the Circum-Baikal railway, a trip to the observation platform – to Cherskiy Stone and sorties to other, equally scenic points of the review – the chronicles of the events are uploaded in this section.


Spring comes on Lake Baikal - House on Lake Baikal


We created a separate collection for the photos made in walking distance from our house. Here we collect the shots dedicated to Listvyanka – to the settlement where your acquaintance with Baikal will begin. Attractions of Listvyanka and surroundings enough for several days of overview. No need to hurry anywhere!


Pier in Listvyanka - House on Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

The water in the lake is so transparent that at a depth of 40 m you can see its bottom. But Baikal is variable, depending on time of day, season and weather, it looks differently: the water seems to be dark-blue, or blue-green, or gray, then blue, then black. This part of the gallery we took for the pictures of the lake itself.


Transparent water in Listvyanka - House on Lake Baikal