Russian steam bath in Listvyanka

For our steam bath house we choose Fehringer stove, which makes steam bath in Listvyanka a real Russian Banja.

Listvyanka’s steam bath house Fehringer stove

Advantage of a Fehringer stove is that deep inside the stones are heated and can reach temperatures between 400 and 600 degrees Celsius. Water is dispersed under pressure directly on the stones and vaporizes. The steam accumulates under the ceiling. This provides the additional comfort that breathing, as in contrast to a more traditional setup is easier without losing the feeling and or benefits of the traditional steam bath (steam sauna).

A special convector gives the advantage that fresh herbs can be used for aromatizing the room.


Steam baths in Listvyanka can be found in many variations and setups. Big difference with our steam bath house is that we made use of the special qualities of the special stones (porphyrite and rodingite). The high temperatures and fluctuations between those extremes heat and cold from the water are for the regular used stones destructive and they lose their properties. So, we paid close attention in our choice and construction of our steam bath.

The high quality and specific properties of porphyrite that is mined in the Ural are well known under the steam bath enthusiasts (enough to mention that porphyry is used for the presidential steam saunas in Shuyskaya Chupa)

Rodingite in addition to its quality to retain big quantities of heat is said to have healing potentials as are mentioned a positive effect on the respiratory and vascular system as well as a beneficial influence on the immune system.

Steam-bath in Listvyanka: structural characteristics

During its construction we made use of the classical layout: recreation room, washing room, steam room. In the spacious recreation area, you take a nap or sit at the table playing a game of cards.

The benches in the steam room are constructed out of hardwood. Floors are built up out of porcelain tiles. More environmentally friendly as wooden floors.

The facility is designed for four people and is only available to residing guests.

Price for an hour for the whole steam bath house is 750 rubles per person. Included in the price are the use of towels, sheets, hats and soap.

Brooms are paid separately. We strongly advise you to bring and use your own crocks.

The preparation of the steam bath takes about 3 hours so we ask you friendly to plan reservation accordingly in advanced time.

Resting room in the bath - House on Lake Baikal


Enjoy Your Stream Sauna!