Photo Gallery. Listvyanka and the Baikal

In our photo gallery we gradually place photos from our archives: pictures from excursions, trips that are related to recreational activities in and around Lake Baikal. Life on the Baikal is very diverse, and with a keen observing eye you can find many interesting oddities. So, visit regularly and follow our updates.

Baikal’s Nature

Here we posted photos of landscapes and sights that we have taken during tours and trips on the Baikal railway. A trip to the observatory platform (Cherskogo’s Stone) and short walks to other scenic points. The pictures are posted and in chronological order.


Spring comes on Lake Baikal - House on Lake Baikal


We have created a special section of pictures that are taken on walking distance of our house. Here we post and collect footage devoted to Listvyanka – the village from which you can acquaint yourself with Lake Baikal. Listvyanka itself and its direct surrounding area has enough attractions to offer to start the first days relaxed. No need to rush anywhere!


Pier in Listvyanka - House on Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

The water in the lake is crystal clear and makes it possible to see the bottom of the lake at depths up to 40 meters. Lake Baikal never looks the same and stays interesting because as seasons and weather change so does the view on and in the lake. Depending on the situation the colors range from blue to green into deep black. This section of the gallery is dedicated to the Lake.


Transparent water in Listvyanka - House on Lake Baikal