Rooms in Listvyanka at House on Lake Baikal

A popular way vacation on Baikal is by booking affordable rooms in Listvyanka’s private sector. Inexpensive rooms and accommodation in Listvyanka with comforts and amenities for living and recreating. Popular among locals as people from abroad.

Prices for rooms in Listvyanka

The price of rooms in Listvyanka is comprised out of different factors. We can think of things such as noise in and around the vicinity, views and amenities (in Listvyanka you can find a wide range of different exorbitant offers from the option of an outhouse (toilet) on the edge of the property and a wash basin mounted on a birch. The picture is made complete with luxurious interior with the acquainted taste of a local designer.)

One of the important factors taken into consideration can be steam bath house on the property.

Travelers often take the distance to the lake as a guideline to choose their location of accommodation in Listvyanka. The further away from the shore, the better of a bargain you can strike.

House on the Baikal is located about a kilometer from the shore of Lake Baikal. That fact has a positive effect on the price. A point you can brag about when returning back home and tell your friends and family top accommodation you rented during your vacation in Listvyanka for peanuts.

Visitors that stayed with us noticed returning back home that they were reenergized and a few kilos lighter than before of all the daily activity they unfolded. The daily trips from and back to the beach was seen as a positive activity of the day.


The entire second floor with a separate private entrance is at your disposal.

 On the second floor you will find:

  • two rooms, each with a double bed
  • one room with two single beds
  • a community room where you can enjoy a drink, snack or watch television
  • Kitchenette (cutlery, china, refrigerator and a small microwave)
  • Separate toilet and shower (shared by the three rooms)
  • Free Wi-Fi

Outside on our property you will find:

  • Banja (Russian steam bath house)
  • Free parking spaces
  • Gazebo
  • Barbeque equipment

Rental price is based on the nights spend (between 1900 and 2100 rubles per night for a room for two, depending on what room you chose).

Because the layout of the house and the available amenities we cannot facilitate families with children under the age of 14.

No pets allowed.

Alternative booking is available on Airbnb:

Arrival not before 14:00 pm.

Checkout no later than 12:00 am.

Might you arrive before 14:00 pm. We have a luggage storage for you available so that you can have a sightseeing with your hands free to enjoy the fabulous surrounding


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